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Our Sales Management

Our sales management allows you to focus on the practical application of your sales techniques and the manage sales operations through a dynamic and intuitive dashboard.
  • Order synchronization for quick processing.
  • Order status and order update retrieval for easy tracking.
  • Customer details extracting for timely notifications sending.
  • Automated product count and inventory updates notifications for customers.

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Power your team with Dromise

Key Features


Our process enables sales reps assign, generate, capture, and nurture leads up to the point of conversion.


Allows sales rep to visualize sales campaigns in dashboards, graphs, and charts by filtering sales data such as lead generation, pipeline, and conversions.

Secured Transactions

Comprehensive Sales report for all inward & outward transactions.

Our Process


Create Ticket

Auto ticket for sales engineer if at the end of month, there is more than 20% mismatch in sales forcast.


Supervisor will be owner of ticket.


OEM Territory sales manager will be review of the ticket.


Every mismatch will be based on opportunity book value, sum and opportunity forecast value.


Analytics will be enabled to showcase the gaps.


Guidance to keep a sales organization on track.

Why Us

Mission and vision

A range of sales consulting services customized to each client's particular needs. Structured on a project, interim, or part-time basis.

Saving and Strategy

Ability to be more confident and targeted in driving your revenue and your deal conversion.


Empower your distributors with the streamlined processes to improve your speed and accuracy in improving your sales.

Business Consultation

Our Intervention module will monitor all your sales and prompt you and your distributors with guidance for necessary actions.

Reduced Effort

Increased accuracy of sales data and higher sales team efficiency

Career with Us

You get all the above-mentioned benefits with Dromise, that help your business function smoothly.

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Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you need

Overall Benefits

Our main goal is to help you manage your sales pipeline better, and close deals faster.

Our inventory and order management feature helps businesses with multiple brands, sites, stores, warehouses, etc. create seamless cross-channel experiences.

Efficient Sales Management

We empower your distributors with the streamlined processes to improve your speed and accuracy in the sales management.

Reduced Errors

Our automated sales management give you a holistic view of your current incoming, processed, and pending sales.

Better Customer Experience

Empower your sales team to deliver the best possible value to customers.

Reduced Effort and Increased Productivity

Sales synchronization for quick processing.

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Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you need the best services
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