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Our Franchise Management

Our Franchise Management process allows you to accept your suitanble franchisees and keep a track of their activities and profits for the benefit of your organization.
  • High operating costs and less brand control.
  • Franchise ownership can be a lucrative business opportunity for those with the talent and strong work ethic needed to make it a success.

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Key Features


Franchisor will reach the target customer more effectively through co-operative advertising and promotion initiatives.

Followup Tracking

Levereging off the assets of franchisees helps franchisors grow their market share and brand equity more quickly and effectively.


The franchise network can grow as fast as the your business can develop its infrastructure to recruit, train and support its franchisees.

Customer Loyalty

Franchisors use the power of franchising as a system to build customer loyalty- to attract more customers and to keep them.

Our Process



Interested franchisee applies to the franchise ads


Brand admin gets a notification of the new response


Admin analyze the criteria and approve/reject the application based on the requirements


Once approved, the franchisor gets onboarded as a franchisee and the login credentials are autogenerated


New credentials are mailed to the franchisee


Franchisee gets added to the brand

Why Us

Mission and vision

Digital Library, Marketing automation, workflows and drip campaigns including SMS for your franchisor and franchisee needs.

Saving and Strategy

Our tool guide and track your franchisees from signing up into the system with multi-point checklists.


Automated reporting of royalties, collection of fees, invoicing for both your bussiness and your franchisee.

Business Consultation

Our Intervention module will monitor all your franchise activities and prompt you and your franchisees with guidance for necessary actions.

Reduced Effort

Our tool create Custom Surveys, Manage Surveys, Report for full analytics for you.

Career with Us

You get all the above-mentioned benefits with Dromise, that help your business function smoothly.

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Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you need

Overall Benefits

Our main goal is to help you manage your sales pipeline better, and close deals faster.

Our inventory and order management feature helps businesses with multiple brands, sites, stores, warehouses, etc. create seamless cross-channel experiences.

Efficient Process

Customizable franchise sales processes.

Reduced Errors

Provides an efficient technique of controlling, storing, and keeping track of your franshisees activities.

Increased Productivity

A One-Stop feature that consolidates recruitment and production activities into one platform, eliminating the need for third-party software or add-ons.


Auto-generated pipeline reports, sent automatically to your email, so you never miss any key metrics.

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