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Our Customer Service Management

We provide you with a configurable system for the complete management of all helpdesk support functions related to the tickets issued by your customers or internal employees.
  • Late response to your customer enquiries.
  • Lack of priority to the customer feedback on the products.
  • Lack of updates to the customer on their orders, complaints or enquiries.

We’re Here To Help

Power your team with Dromise

Key Features

Easy Tracking

We created a simple customer support process to provide your customers with the best possible services without fail.

Prioritize Feedback

Keep a record of the customer feedback to improve your products.

Timely Update

Provides updates via email, sms and whatsapp systems to your customers on their enquiries, complaints and orders.

Our Process



If a customer support agent slips an SLA for a call.

Autogenerate Ticket

An automatic ticket is generated for support engineer to do RCA.


Supervisor is also owner of ticket.


Ticket stays open till support agent explains the delay in resolution.

Why Us

Mission and vision

We created a simple customer support process to provide your customers with the best possible services without fail.

Saving and Strategy

Our tool helps to effectively collect, organize, respond to, and report on customer support requests.


We provide you with automated and streamlined complex workflows for faster resolution to your customer queries.

Business Consultation

Our Intervention module will monitor all your complaints and customer enquiries and prompt you and your distributors with guidance for necessary actions.

Reduced Effort

Instantly assign cases.Prioritize cases for follow-up.

Career with Us

You get all the above-mentioned benefits with Dromise, that help your business function smoothly.

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Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you need

Overall Benefits

Our main goal is to help you manage your sales pipeline better, and close deals faster.

Our innovative process establishes a culture of handling processes for your distirbutors and franchises.

Intuitive Automation

Using Automation our propritory complaint workflows that incorporates forms, you’ll gain a whole range of advantages down the line, such as reduced call center costs, improved products and enthusiastic customer evangelists.

Better Customer Experience

Never miss a complaint!

Reduced Effort and Increased Productivity

Our solution enables you to focus on key principles, including fairness, accessibility, responsiveness and efficiency.

Reduced Errors

Our automated order management give you a holistic view of your current incoming, processed, and pending orders.

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Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you need the best services
to reduce your effort, time and money.